About Us

Located in Penang, Malaysia and founded in 2004, Johnny Ooi Architect is formed with the intentions of accepting the challenges of all types of project ranging from residential to commercial to heritage. The development and evolvement of our firm is made up of 30 over dedicated people who have helped in the process of broadening the horizons of our firm as a professional organization. Until today, our firm is still growing in personals and experience.

Johnny Ooi Architect is lead and founded by Ar. Ooi Johnny, graduate of the University of Oklahoma, USA. As principal of our esteemed firm, Johnny Ooi has proven great expertise, courage and leadership in undertaking projects of unfamiliar territories. Johnny Ooi's efforts and commitment has brought significant success to our firm. Not only winning over the confidence of the people that work in the firm, Johnny Ooi has also won over the trust of his long term clients.

Our firm is highly proficient in providing the best professional architectural services. These services include architectural and landscape designs, contract administration and implementation, and real estate development advisory. The firm also provides a learning platform for all employees to utilize the latest technologies to the advantages of presenting projects in the most comprehensive and optimal way.

At Johnny Ooi Architect, we place the greatest importance in strong and long-term relationships with our valuable clients through delivering our continuous commitment and level professional services.